Impertinent and exalted, WOOW continues to deliver its little messages in style. It mixes Londonian PEPS and Parisian SPIRIT. A dose of vibrant colours and a pinch of humour enhance the recipe for these JOYFUL glasses.

This WOOW season is proving to be SPICY!

The cocktail of pigments scattered throughout India inspired the BOLLY WOOLs and infuse the entire collection.

Be dazzled by the BRIGHT colours of the new range boasting granite textures. Opal blue, saffron yellow, Lassi cream and chilli red join the DANCE.

Last but not least~ WOOW metals take on a more secretive mood this season... The small WOOW messages become MICRO messages at the tips of ultra-thin temples.

For men, the atmosphere is electric!

With such an effusion of colours, drop everything, pack your bags and be WOOW-self!


The Scottish socks from the WOOW WOOL capsule collection are packed and bought themselves a ticket to INDIA!

They return from their vacation metamorphosed and converted into MANDALA patterns.

BOLLYWOOLs make eyes at you, as seductive and captivating as the best Bollywood actresses.

Cardamom, saffron, mint and red pepper spice up the inside of the temples, while the pattern is revealed on the outside.

Come, dance and let WOOW-self be carried away!

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