Flash Back!

When retro meets new, get ready to experience an unforgettable FLASH BACK.

The metal bottom of the circle is combined with explosive, tangy acetates.

A FLASH BACK to the future!

Flash Back 2-0444 →


It’s love at first sight ! LOVE ME features a small, ultra-thin metal frames with coloured edges.

Light, sparkling and spring-like, their extreme fineness allows all kinds of freedom, in terms of shapes and colours.

LOVE ME or leave me - let yourself be seduced

Love me - 1-0010 →

Spices and colours – Head to Bollywood!

August 2019

Impertinent and exalted, WOOW continues to deliver its little messages in style. It mixes Londonian PEPS and Parisian SPIRIT. A dose of vibrant colours and a pinch of humour enhance the recipe for these JOYFUL glasses.

This WOOW season is proving to be SPICY!

The cocktail of pigments scattered throughout India inspired the BOLLY WOOLs and infuse the entire collection.

Be dazzled by the BRIGHT colours of the new range boasting granite textures. Opal blue, saffron yellow, Lassi cream and chilli red join the DANCE.

Last but not least~ WOOW metals take on a more secretive mood this season... The small WOOW messages become MICRO messages at the tips of ultra-thin temples.

For men, the atmosphere is electric!

With such an effusion of colours, drop everything, pack your bags and be WOOW-self!

Bolly Wool 1-2063 →

The Scottish socks from the WOOW WOOL capsule collection are packed and bought themselves a ticket to INDIA!

They return from their vacation metamorphosed and converted into MANDALA patterns.

BOLLYWOOLs make eyes at you, as seductive and captivating as the best Bollywood actresses.

Cardamom, saffron, mint and red pepper spice up the inside of the temples, while the pattern is revealed on the outside.

Come, dance and let WOOW-self be carried away!

Full Moon 1-9118 →

WOOW messages become MICRO messages inserted in a transparent drop of varnish at the tip of an ultra-thin metal temple.

Fresh colours, circles outlining a crescent moon. Each FULL MOON offers a unique experience. What will yours be?

Let WOOW whisper in your ear but beware of the FULL MOON!

In a COSMIC mood

A cosmic collection by WOOW

January 2019

This season Parisian WOOW Eyewear are ready to win you over with their brand-new concepts with lots of ATTITUDE and CHARACTER. The colours are surprising, and the shapes are just a little CRAZY. With WOOW the sky is the limit!

WOOW is the perfect mix of London BEAT and Paris FASHION; enjoy the EXCITING shapes, HUMOROUS details and a UNIQUE style, where a stroke of the classics are given a GREAT pinch of WOOW factor.

What’s NEW this season? The spring 2019 collection from WOOW is no less than COSMIC! WOOW will not promise you the MOON, but their new DESIGNS are out of this world. THIN metals, COLOURFUL acetates and IN­TRIGUING details will woo(w) you instantly.


Material: Metal.
2 shapes in 6 colours.

Trendy, edgy, BIG and thin – these are all the ingredients your frames need to BE CULT! The shapes are anything BUT boring. What do you see? A hexagon, a butterfly or maybe even a SPIDER? WOOW!

BE CULT 1 col. 9445

"The shapes of BE CULT are wild and a little crazy. We designed the frames in ultra-thin metal, which makes them flattering and easy to wear,” says Claire Ferreira, Designer at WOOW Eyewear.

WOOW is part of Design Eyewear Group Design
Eyewear Group creates and markets iconic eyewear brands, sold worldwide by quality opticians for more than 40 years. Design is the heart of our company and great design is what defines all our brands. They are versatile and clearly positioned: from audacious French design to a clean-cut Scandinavian look.

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Material: Metal.
2 shapes in 6 colours.

This WIRED concept will give you an electric WOOW feel. You won’t be able to take your eyes off the top bar which resembles an ELECTRIC signal! STAY TUNED with the neo-70’s.

STAY TUNED 1 col. 9306