Material : Acetate

Style : Feminine 

COL. 100
Col. 2045
Col. 2150
Col. 2906

These acetate sunglasses are a real must-have:
as timeless as they are striking, they cultivate their
sophistication in a brand new colour palette! With
their constant thickness, they seem to have been
drawn with a single movement of a felt-tip pen:
innocence and energy shine through for this new
edition of SUPER DUPER!

COl. 2000
Col. 100
Col. 2120
Col. 4761
Col. 7410

A small, very elegant, fine Panto-shape and a reissue
of the iconic SUPER DUPER 2 fluttering square flit
in a fuchsia pink vibration in the transparencies,
that conjure up alluring glasses; while a sugared
blue with transparent temples reawaken in a
blueish-aubergine spatula. A skilfully reinvented