Fasten your seat belts and enjoy the ride: with WOOW Airlines you’ll be landing in destinations you’ve never seen before. Progressive curves and extravagant cuts with SUPER WILD, a colourful and energetic getaway with SUPER VISION, or an explosion of exotic materials with JET LAG... Three new invigorating models full of zing that promise to reinvent real life through your eyes and your style.

But that’s not all: to celebrate WOOW’s 10th birthday, the brand’s designers are offering you the grand finale, a trip back in time, by reissuing its 10 most iconic and quintessential concepts of this resolutely offbeat and vibrant line. Both a trip back to the past and into the future, as all materials in this collection are bio-acetates, conscious and biodegradable materials made mostly from renewable resources. Innovation, commitment and inventiveness are therefore at the forefront of the BE GREEN range!

Fresh and vibrant, this colour palette gives you a complete array of choice. And who said that ORGANIC had to be synonymous with uninspiring colours? When WOOW gets involved, you’ll discover a whole new range of two-tone harmonies, single-colour variations or even new, bright and unexpected tints that make this collection quite something. From three new models to ten timeless designs relaunched to mark the brand’s tenth anniversary... A striking display of colours and exciting materials swoop over these spectacles and sunglasses like a firework.

Experience real life with your head held high. Reinvent yourself with timeless, unique WOOW designs. It’s party time for WOOW’s 10th birthday!

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